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Welcome to Burlingame Parents' Club 2021 Preschool Fair

All sponsors are listed in the e-catalogue with details about the preschools.

Click HERE to download the e-catalogue

Our Sponsors Joining the Q&A Panel


  • Develop language and listening skills.
  • Explore their own creativity and develop new interests.
  • Learn socialization skills to help them develop an understanding of their feelings and emotions, and those of others.
  • Practice interaction with other children to encourage self-awareness and growth.
  • Grow in self-confidence and self-reliance.


Our Preschool’s mission has been to provide a play-based, developmentally appropriate program for children ages two through five, in an environment that is loving and respectful toward each child’s needs. We aim to inspire curiosity in each child, while emphasizing development of social, physical, emotional, spiritual and cognitive growth. You, together with highly qualified teachers, help cultivate individual growth through activities, conversation, encouragement and challenges.

Gazelle Creative Learning School



Gazelle Creative Learning School is structured in a warm, loving, humane climate with experiences designed to facilitate exploration, creation, sharing, relaxation and choice. Our unique two-year education program emphasizes the interaction of children with each other through a variety of activities designed to encourage and nurture the unique expression of each child’s gifts, talents, and creative strengths.


The skills, maturity, and confidence to handle and express emotions are some of the most important things one can instill in a young child to drive long-term success in life.


Gazelle students are shown that learning is a wonderful and ever-changing adventure; that any question can be explored, dissected, and ultimately answered; that they can and should stand-up and speak-out in their own voice; and that by working together even little hands can move big mountains.


The best learning happens inside, outside, and even beyond the walls of the school itself (field trips are core to our program).


Our programs are aimed at developing the intellectual, emotional and social independence of the child in a multi-cultural setting. Each child is encouraged to develop at their own rate, benefiting from a high level of individual teacher attention and motivation. Our cozy classrooms and stimulating materials make Glen Oaks Montessori an excellent environment for a child's potential to be guided and nurtured using hands on materials.

Learning Links Burlingame
We offer a play-based curriculum with low student-to teacher ratios and a model of inclusion. We have implemented strict health and cleaning protocols and offer both virtual and "in-person" preschool or a hybrid of both. Enrolling now for all abilities ages 2-5. For more information, visit

Little Wonders
Little Wonders is a safe and nurturing program where parents and their young children can come to explore, play and learn TOGETHER! It provides some wonderful opportunities to build community, make lasting friends and share our parental joys and concerns. It is an excellent precursor to sending children to preschool as they learn to separate from parents here in a gentle way and learn many helpful social-emotional skills to prepare them to be successful in preschool. Parents who make the time to attend are always grateful they did!!!


Palcare Mission

The Palcare’s mission is to provide quality child care and education and to advocate for the changing needs of children and families.


Palcare Vision

Our vision is to fill the critical need for high quality education and childcare for families with changing, unusual, or demanding and extended work schedules. We provide high quality, flexible, night-and-day education and care for children of all socio-economic levels who are aged 3 months to 5 years. to actualize this vision and to achieve our mission, we endeavor to:


» Sustain and build quality partnerships with SFO & other employers with traditional and non-traditional work schedules.


» Provide extended and flexible child care to serve families with non-traditional schedules


» Support Palcare staff – by providing a competitive education, training and benefit package, in order to recruit, hire & retain the best teachers


» Maintain a balance of Quality, Compensation and Affordability



Whether building sky-high towers of wooden blocks, measuring sand into buckets, or painting a bright rainbow, children make sense of their world and learn new skills through play. Our play-based learning environment is supported by the most current child development research, and engages young minds by sparking their creativity, curiosity, and imagination. Children are naturally motivated to learn skills that translate to success in school and life. The PJCC is guided by Jewish principles and culture, including the value of Hachnasat Orchim (welcoming all), and the importance of Kehilla u’Mishpacha (our community of family and friends). Inspired by these values, our preschool emphasizes the importance of relationship building and social development, recognizing each child’s unique and special abilities. Every child is respected as a competent and capable learner, full of potential and talent.


At PTS our goal is simple: Educate the whole child, emphasizing cognitive, social, emotional and physical growth through learning together.

We respect and respond to the unique needs of each child and family and support learning about and embrace the differences among people. Our caring and nurturing educators provide a developmentally appropriate and emotionally supportive learning environment.

We provide the highest quality early childhood education by incorporating Jewish values and tradition within a play based curriculum.

  St. Paul

St. Paul’s Nursery School, located in downtown Burlingame, is a magical place for parents and children, 3 to 5 years old, to play and discover together. With our veteran staff, committed families, and engaged alumni base we are proud of the consistent and quality programs we are able to offer. Almost seventy years after its inception in 1950, SPNS continues with the foundation of offering a play-based, parent cooperative nursery school to the community and is a proud member of the California Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools.


Stratford’s innovative curriculum focuses on core academic subjects while building the fundamental skills of collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking to inspire children to be imaginative innovators and confident leaders of tomorrow. Enjoy a personalized tour and discover the difference in a world-class educational approach at Stratford School.


Upcoming Open Houses & Tours


Stratford School - Open House


By Appointment


Saturday, March 20, 2021


Personalized Tours are offered by Appointment, please contact the campus to schedule your tour.

Trinity Lutheran Preschool is a State-licensed, non-profit, innovative early Christian-based Montessori program for children ages 2.2 years (fully potty trained) to 6 years old, administered by Trinity Lutheran Church of Burlingame, CA.


We welcome all families irrespective of race and religion. We are dedicated to sharing the love of Jesus Christ, and committed to providing a loving and stimulating environment to nurture each child spiritually, physically, socially, emotionally, intellectually, and creatively.


UMC Preschool Burlingame is proud to have served families in the area for over 50 years!


UMCPB is a parent-directed, cooperative nursery school that offers a unique program for children 2 years to 5 years.


Our school, which is non-profit and non-sectarian, is located in the United Methodist Church of Burlingame.


We provide a warm, supportive atmosphere in which children can develop positive feelings about their first school experience. We offer stimulating and varied activities designed to help each child grow physically, emotionally, intellectually, and socially.


Parents play an active role in all aspects of school administration, maintenance, and growth. Parents serve as elected officers, comprising the Executive Board that governs the school.


UMC Cooperative Nursery School is a member of the San Mateo Council of Parent Participation Preschools.

Preschool Fair Sponsors


Busy Doodle Bugs Early Learning In Home Preschool Program


Our programs are aimed at developing the intellectual, emotional and social independence of the child in a multi-cultural setting. Each child is encouraged to develop at their own rate, benefiting from a high level of individual teacher attention and motivation. Our cozy classrooms and stimulating materials make Burlingame Montessori an excellent environment for a child's potential to be guided and nurtured using hands on materials.

Kinder Academy Montessori


Kinder Academy Montessori is a warm and happy place where learning is nurtured with love. We offer small class size, excellent child to teacher ratio, and art, music & Chinese classes.


Little Laughs is a private Licensed Early Learning Program focusing on the development of children 18mo and over. Little Laughs will prepare your child for the next step in their educational journeys.


If you are looking for your child to grow in a great environment with loving engaging Early Childhood Educational professionals then please contact us for further information or with any questions you may have.


About Little Laughs




Here at Little Laughs we believe that children learn and grow through play. Through play children experience and bring meaning to the word around them. As adults it is our responsibility to provide children with adequate and appropriate play experiences to help them master and become competent in their cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills.


Our goal is to provide a quality, nurturing, loving and educational Early Learning experience in an atmosphere that allows the child to feel like they are coming to a 'friends house'.


Learn, grow and explore in a 5100 sq. ft. facility designed for development! My Busy Town offers top-rated flexible care for the times you can’t be there, and a safe, fun, and spacious party room for the times you want to celebrate together. My Busy Town Learning Center serving ages 2 - 10

St. Matthews Episcopal


St. Matthew's Episcopal Day School is a Pre-Kindergarten - 8th grade school located in downtown San Mateo. Our mission is to inspire, through an academically challenging course of study, the intellectual curiosity, confidence, moral courage, and character that prepare students to be leaders of positive change in the world. Grounded in the Episcopal tradition, our core values are , Academic Excellence, Service to Others, Respect for Diversity , Compassionate Community.


Tiny Treks NorCal is a year-round outdoor forest program designed for toddler, preschool and kindergarten children serving the North Peninsula, Peninsula and South Bay regions of the Northern California Bay Area. We are offering outdoor classes for the 21/22 School Year. We are following CDC guidelines with smaller classes and working with families who want to create their own classes with their cohorts. Feel free to reach out if you want us to help you design your own class.


As we move carefully outdoors, we continue to research and monitor County/CDC guidelines. Camps and Classes will adhere to the guidelines and adjust procedures based on updated guidance. If there are circumstances which require us to close the school: We will transition to online Zoom learning There will be no refunds for school closure Get Outside and Explore All Year Long! Through a STEAM curriculum we teach science, critical thinking, math, pre-literacy, social emotional development and exploration. We believe nature is our best classroom, and that kids learn most through experiential learning outdoors. Together, we lift up logs, count ants, explore our senses, dig in the mud, run through meadows, learn about birds and bugs, walk through historic farms, wade in creeks and, most importantly, nurture curiosity and instill a love of the natural world in our children.