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President's Message

My reaction and thoughts after the verdict was read on the George Floyd’s case

Justice. That word will echo today on the lips of many. This verdict isn't true justice, but it is small measure of desperately needed accountability.

Justice involves not just accountability and consequences for those who do wrong, but it involves how to demonstrate lifting others and valuing ALL people. It means not just retribution, but restoration.

The verdict brings accountability for this one officer in the George Floyd’s case. Justice will be when our Black and brown brothers and sisters are truly treated with the same level of dignity and respect, and free from the presumption of guilt.

Today is just one day in this journey towards justice. An important day, no doubt, but tomorrow we carry on and continue to advocate. We are still a long way from true reform.

Justice will be when there is a true concern for equality and peace, and a genuine respect for ALL people.

As I have said before, we are the first mentors and educators for our children. Please continue to be the positive examples for our families and community.

All the best,
BPC President, 2020-2021

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Burlingame Parents' Club (BPC) provides families of children from birth through age six
with support, information, friendship, and community.

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