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All payments are final. The Burlingame Mothers Club does not provide refunds for membership signups and renewals, event registrations, donations, storefront purchases, or other misc. charges.

Canceled registration for events requiring payment will result in a credit to your account. Credited funds remain available in your account for the remainder of the current membership year, if unused these funds are forfeited. Credits cannot be applied to membership renewal fees. You can view your credit balance at any time in the "Payment/Credit History" section of your membership profile.


"The BMC provides me with a great connection to other moms in my area. I love the kids' events and moms' nights out. It's so much more value than my $60 dues. It's worth way more than that!" - Erica L.

"We love the BMC! Great way to meet others parents in the peninsula!! The BMC offers lots of playgroups to make it easy to meet parents with children of similar age and to cater to everyone's interest (running, book club, French group...) As well there is always some fun event planned that both parents and children can enjoy. Highly recommend :)" - Dorothee S.

"BMC is by far one of the most amazing Mothers Club around. For your annual $50, you get access to some of the most fun family friendly events and social gatherings. The community is genuine, kind and supportive. As a first time mom, BMC has helped me navigate the new world of motherhood and I have expanded my village and made some amazing friends for life." - Mahsa A.

"The BMC has been a lifesaver for me. We moved from London around 2.5 years ago and I did not know anyone in the area. Through the sub-group for my son's age, I have found and formed amazing friendships. The BMC has some great family events as well as adult only ones. It is a bargain for the $50 annual fee!"  - Deanna M.

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